Islamic Academy of Kendallville

Who are we?

Leading independent, not-for-profit organization based in Kendallville, Indiana.

We seek to be a beacon of Islamic cultural knowledge that nurtures the sons and daughters of the Muslim community and new Muslims, to preserve their Islamic identity and encourage them to actively and positive integration into the local community.

Preserving the Muslim family and the Muslim sons and daughters from loss, displacement, dissolution in Western societies and being affected by destructive currents and ideas.
Teaching Muslim sons and daughters the Islamic sciences and consolidating the correct Islamic belief in their hearts and teaching them the Arabic language the language of the Noble Qur’an and everything that benefits them and leads them to what is in the goodness of their religion and their worldly life.
Calling to God with wisdom, exhortation, and a good example.
Promoting the principle of peaceful coexistence and civilizational communication between different cultures, and building bridges of cooperation with all official and civil bodies and institutions.

Guiding individual Muslims away from exaggeration and arrogance.

Our goals islamic academy of kendallville

At Islamic Academy of Kendallville, we are committed to creating an educational atmosphere that makes coming here an exciting experience, each and every day. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them, while keeping learning fun and dynamic. In addition we will offer InshaAllah Quran, and Arabic classes as well as an opportunity to grow and understand the true meaning of Islamic faith. Our goal is to help grow your students into truly pious Muslims who love their religion

The interior Islamic Academy Of Kendallville

Drone footage of the exterior building